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Busy little bees

Portland Networks is a web-development company based in Portland, Oregon that gets businesses and organizations up and running on the Internet. We also used to be an authorized distributor of Play-Doh™ but we don't do that anymore.

Wayne Ause is the principal and founder of Portland Networks, and he's been doing this since 1995 so he should be up to speed on 'blink' tags by now. But I guess since he spends most of his time helping people with Internet marketing strategies, technology solutions, effective web design and coordination with broader marketing goals, etc. blah blah blah, he doesn't always think about HTML code.

Good thing he has the rest of us around to make sure that even the smallest and sometimes simplest questions are answered in a courteous and thoughtful way. The rest of us do the things he says he can do (yeah right) if only he had the time.

We basically do all the web site design and graphics development, HTML page coding, Flash design and development, search engine registration and optimization, PHP and Java scripting and deeper code integration, MySQL database setups and modifications, e-commerce functionality, site registration and domain wrangling and more.

And Wayne's on the phone all the time or in meetings a lot so the rest of us aren't really sure what he does beyond that. He says he stays busy with web presence consulting, planning and project coordination.

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